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Cancer patients are often fatigued from treatments and medications. There’s only so much a cancer patient can do in a day between doctors’ appointments, to trying to get through the day without feeling too weak and tired. It drains their energy, sometimes for weeks on end, leaving cancer patients unable to live life as “normal” as possible as they were prior to cancer. The very last thing on a cancer patient’s mind, (especially for women who may be responsible for running a home) is keeping the house clean. 

Because we understand the toll cancer treatments can have, that is where amazing organizations, like "Cleaning Hands For You" can help. "Cleaning Hands For You" is a nonprofit organization that serves all of Clarksville, Oak Grove, Sango and Fort Campbell, TN areas. Our mission is to give the gift of free home cleaning to women, men and or, the family of children undergoing treatment for any type of cancer, especially the terminally ill. Our goal is to let these brave and strong women, men, children, and their family focus on their health and cancer treatments while "Cleaning Hands For You" takes away the worry and work of cleaning the home.

We cleaning service through the support of donor partners. Doris states, “There is a great need in our community to help cancer patients with cleaning! The chemotherapy and radiation have drastic effects on their whole body!”

Cancer patients,  a family member, and/or a friend of the patient may apply by clicking here.


Part of our cleaning service can be carpet cleaning to limited areas in your home. Our carpet cleaning service may or may not be on the same day as the cleaning.  


We will come out to perform an observation of your home and apprise you of what our cleaning and carpet services will consist of. In order for us to service your home after the initial consultation, we will proceed to set a day and time to service. Please be sure someone will be home so that we may provide the service. With your permission, It can be a family member, friend, neighbor etc. that lets "Cleaning Hands For You" staff inside.

Please let us know in advance if you are allergic to, or have a bias to anything, including smells that may make you uncomfortable or unable to be around.


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