Cancer Patient Information and Agreement 


To our community here in Clarksville and close surrounding county

We are delighted to help you in your time of sickness! Please know our heart is to help, encourage and to serve you!


  • We are proud to do two general cleaning sessions over the span of two months. 

that include the 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and 1 living room. This also may include carpet cleaning in those rooms that we service.

How do you get service?

Have your oncologist write a letter on your behalf (with their letterhead), stating their name and phone number, your name, type of cancer you have and if you are allergic to any smells etc. Have them email it to us at 

  • Email Cleaning Hands For You to set up a walk through this may involve videoing the area and sending it to is for an online consultation instead of me coming on site to see the area.

  • We must be able to get in the property immediately or within 10 minutes of us arriving!

  • We will clean up to three rooms in your home, We will dust, sweep and mop and vacuum floors. (carpet cleaning to be announced dependent on funding). 

  • Upon us arriving you will have to have those area’s de-clutter picked up and all valuable/ sentimental items put up out of the service area! WE are not responsible for item missed placed or move around. 

  • WE DO NOT CLEAN BIO-HAZARDOUS MATERIALS out of respect for our own safety.       

  • You may opt to have us document our cleaning for media purposes. This is voluntary, but helps us reach new people to help. 

  • If you need additional cleaning service  you may contact our sister company which is Always A Clean Sweep at  unfortunately we will not be able to provide a third free cleaning. If you need additional carpet clean contact A-Z carpet cleaning plus. Email them at


We would appreciate you helping us to get the word out about our service. Please like and share on our Facebook page cleaninghandsforyou 

We use all nature cleaners, let use know ahead if any type of smell makes you nauseated.

No legal action will be taken against Cleaning Hands For You their employees or any other parties directly or indirectly to you or your family for the service they do, the information we provide is strictly for educational purposes only!