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Eric Scheidler


He serves as our dedicated Public Relations Specialist, actively contributes to our meticulous event planning, and offers invaluable expertise as an event planner and on our brainstorming team. Hailing from Flushing, Michigan, he is a proud alumnus of Branell College in Madison, Tennessee, with a degree in Computer Accounting. His extensive career encompasses various roles in sales, including entrepreneurship with ownership of a successful business venture.

From a young age, he demonstrated a strong commitment to community service, including volunteering at a local homeless soup kitchen during his formative years. His present volunteer efforts are equally impressive, with current affiliations that include actively volunteering at Mana Café, holding a membership in the Chamber of Commerce, participating in the Clarksville Inspire Connect group, and contributing his time to various community service projects at his church, including the community serve day in Clarksville, Tennessee.

His multifaceted background, encompassing professional accomplishments and a deep commitment to community service, makes him an invaluable asset to our team, demonstrating a genuine dedication to enhancing the lives of those we serve.

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